ISC has been growing strong since 1982 but it has only been since 2007 that we started carving a niche in the retail industry. We have completed retail work in over 29 states nationwide and most recently will have completed work in San Francisco and Santa Monica, California. A large portion of our retail work is with Levis Strauss who has used ISC to construct or remodel over 65 stores across the country.

Tom Stotts serves as the Project Manager at ISC and oversees our retail division. Having worked as a carpenter himself and now as a Project Manager Tom knows what it takes to put together a strong team of skilled tradespersons and has the kind of leadership that does not go unnoticed by Levis. Ryan Murphy, Sr. Manager of Construction for Levis Strauss had this to say about Tom and his team.

“Our recent project in Santa Monica has been one for the ages with truly unbelievable obstacles, some seemingly insurmountable. Your team assembled on this project has been insanely focused, determined, and frankly, bulletproof. Thank you again for your partnership and know that my trust in ISC and the Project Management team helps me sleep a little bit longer each night.”

From Tom’s perspective the biggest challenge is finding the right subcontractor for the project. “Levis is so fast paced that you have to have good subs to help you get it done in a professional manner”. Having both good subs and a strong leadership on the job seems to be just what Tom has been able to achieve and Levis seems to agree as we complete the Santa Monica store, the 66th store for ISC, in March.

Other retail projects completed by ISC have included, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Office Depot, Under Armour, Merrill, Bass Shoes, Calvin Klein, Art Mart, St. Louis Art Museum Gift Shop and various specialty boutique stores.